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Professional Bio

Aneesha C. Mueller works as a burnout coach, holistic counselor (SIAF Italia), health consultant ('Gesundheitspraktiker' in German, certified by BfG), TRE Provider, Laughter Yoga Teacher, and meditation teacher, specializing in nervous system health, relationship issues, and meditation. She is also being trained in Somatic Experiencing (SE)® as well as MBSR.

She holds a degree in counseling and her background is in humanistic psychology, person-centered therapy, somatic psychotherapy, nervous system & stress biology, and Relational Life Therapy (couples therapy), as well as meditation. Aneesha is well versed in the application of various methods found in Focusing and The Hakomi Method. Besides that, she uses body-based modalities including TRE® (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises), BioDynamic breath therapy, and Osho Active Meditations


Aneesha has intensively studied the works of Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow. To deepen her understanding of trauma and stress biology she studied the works of Dr. David Berceli (founder of TRE®), Dr. Peter A. Levine (founder of Somatic Experiencing®) and Irene Lyon (trauma & nervous system specialist) in detail. Other mentors and thought leaders that she has followed with great interest are Dr. Terry Real (relationship expert & therapist), Alison Armstrong (relationship expert), Harry Palmer (founder of the Avatar Course) and A.H. Almaas (founder of the Diamond Approach) as well as Osho and the teachings of the Buddha.


Her greatest teacher, however, has been her own inner journey. The most precious gift of this journey is that it has shown her an integrated, embodied, organic understanding of the depth of the human psyche.


Aneesha obtained a bachelor's degree in business administration in 1996 in Mannheim, Germany. In 1999 she began exploring the vast field of psychology and human consciousness. In 2012 she became an RYS certified Yoga Teacher, in 2013 she graduated as a certified holistic counselor, and in 2018 she completed her 2 year's studies to become a certified TRE Provider®. The following year she completed her training as a certified 'Gesundheitspraktiker' (BfG) as well as a certified Laughter-Yoga Teacher. Beyond her formal training, she has completed countless professional training programs and supervision in the areas mentioned above totaling more than 5700 hours, related to trauma recovery & nervous system health, love & relationships, childhood deconditioning, couples therapy, as well as meditation, meditative therapy, art therapy, and dance.




And, for those interested, here's her CV:




2019 - Certified Gesundheitspraktiker (BfG) - Cologne | Germany

2016 - 2018 - TRE® - Scotland, Edinburgh - UK | Certified TRE® Provider                         

2013 - 2016 - S.I.A.F. Italia, Florence - Italy | Certified Holistic Counselor        

2012 - Soul & Yoga International, Candolim - India | RYS Certified Yoga Teacher                                1993 - 1996 State University Mannheim - Germany | Business Administration - Bachelor of Arts               



2020 - 2023: In Training: Vision Quest Guide (SolB), Detmold - Deutschland | Vision Quest Guide

2020 - 2023: In Training: Somatic Experiencing (SE)®,  Cologne - Germany | SE practitioner

2019 - open:  Ongoing Training Diamond Logos Teachings, Hamburg - Germany | prof. supervision

2019:  Certification Training Gesundheitspraktiker (BfG), Cologne - Germany | prof. title

2018 - 2020: In progress - RLT Relational Life Therapy with Terry Real - USA | couples therapy

2017 - 2019: Irene Lyon smartbody smartmind - Canada | trauma & nervous system health 

2016: TRE® Advanced Training, Tokyo - Japan | trauma release & advanced intervention techniques

2016 - 2018:  TRE® - Scotland, Edinburgh - UK | TRE® trauma release & nervous system health 

2015:  S.I.A.F. Italia, Florence - Italy | relationship & couples counseling        

2014:  S.I.A.F. Italia, Florence - Italy | leadership & course facilitation                      

2014 - 2015: BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release Institute, New York - USA | breath therapy

2013 - 2016:  S.I.A.F. Italia, Florence - Italy | holistic counseling, Gestalt therapy        

2010 - 2014: OIMR Multiversity, Pune - India | meditative therapy & meditation facilitation           

2008 - 2011: OIMR Multiversity, Pune - India | art therapy    

2004: Avatar® Professional Course, Willingen - Germany | professional coaching training            

2004: The Avatar® Master Course, Broadbeach - Australia | graduation as certified Avatar master®  

1993 - 1996: State University Mannheim - Germany | bachelor of arts in business administration         

1995 - 1996: Dachser Spedition GMBH & Co, Mannheim - Germany | apprenticeship                    

1993 - 1995: Robert Mueller GMBH & Co, Saarlouis - Germany | apprenticeship      



My Path

I've been working with people for 15 years, and I have a deep love for humanity. But my path has not been straightforward. Love and relationships as well as living my own truth (rather than following someone else's truth) have been quite a challenge in my personal life experience, and there have been many bumps, hurdles and painful moments. For the majority of my life, I've been working through these issues. But I found that, in regards to particular issues, I kept going around in circles for many years.


I was trying hard in many respects; finding the right work for me, creating a lasting and fulfilling love-relationship, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, improving the relationship with my parents, achieving a life-work balance, healing my gut, coping with chronic stress etc.


Despite working on myself and trying out many different therapies and techniques I was still stuck in certain patterns even years later. So I asked myself, why was I still going around in circles!


In 2013 I discovered the ‘trauma connection’. I began to understand that unconscious trauma had been the culprit all along. Trauma had made it impossible for me to step out of certain patterns.


My own inner journey had me understand deeply how the difficulties I encounter today as an adult are connected to the adverse childhood experiences of my early years. My life has taught me about trauma, and it has taught me how to recover from it too. Now it is my mission to help you do the same. 


This inner journey has given me a deep understanding that enables me to know myself intimately. Meditation is an integral part of my work and my own life. I deeply believe that transformation becomes possible only when psychology and spirituality are brought together, and this is what enables me to truly help others.

My Principles


My Sessions are based on being in service to you. All my work is founded on the core principles of unconditional positive regard, empathic understanding and congruence, first developed by Carl Rogers. Together, these three core conditions are needed to help you as the client to develop and grow.


My most influential teacher and spiritual master once said, and this is paramount for my work:


“The deeper you are within yourself, the deeper you can reach into the heart of the other. It is exactly the same… because your heart or the other’s heart is not very different things. If you understand your being, you understand everybody’s being. And then you understand you have also been foolish, you have also been ignorant, you have also fallen many times, you have also committed crimes against yourself and against others, and if other people are still doing it there is no need of condemnation. They have to be made aware and left to themselves; you are not to mold them into a certain framework. Then it is a joy to be a therapist because you come to know the interiority of human beings – which is one of the most secret hiding places of life. And by knowing others you know yourself more.”


(Osho: The Great Pilgrimage: From Here to Here)


Fun Facts About Me

I'm a bad-ass skier, and my parents used to fear for my life when they'd see me racing down the slopes


When I came home from my first ever camping holiday I slept in the backyard instead of my bed, right under the stars, for 9 nights straight

When preparing for a trip around New Zealand in 1999, a friend convinced me to take my pushbike with me as a means of transport; I hated it for about two weeks but then did ride it for more than 4000 km's around New Zealand alone, and continued in Bali and Thailand 

My favorite home was an 11-meter bus (converted into a mobile home), and I lived in it from 2010 till 2014. I drove it too, but in order to do so, I actually needed to get a heavy vehicle license for it


I love, love, LOVE fast cars :-)


The fastest car I ever drove was a 7-series BMW (this was in 1997), and I got it up to 260 km/h on the autobahn somewhere between Salzburg and Munich in the middle of the night

My absolute favorite car ever was a Landcruiser Troopcarrier (Troopy), registered in Western Australia. I had it for 8 years, and I traveled and lived in for several months every year

On one of my trips in my 'Troopy', I stayed 'out bush'  for 2 months straight; I would shower at the roadhouses along the sealed road - or jump into a billabong whenever I could find one


Image credit to Shivan Radical Clarity

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