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Online Programs
I Am Enough

In this online program, you'll be guided step by step to come in touch with your inner core and to find out who you really are. The majority of what we try to achieve, we do from what we call the personality or ego structure. That's what we developed as children in order to feel loved by our parents and to avoid disapproval. But it is not who we really are. If you want to be free, you got to break out of this personality structure first. And this won't happen until you discover the core of your being. Otherwise, you won't feel safe enough. This online program will guide you to exactly that place inside where you know beyond any doubt who you really are. This is the basis. But that's only the beginning. The program launch will be in November 2021. Register your interest now so that you get notified as soon as the course is launched and take advantage of our launch discount!


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Rising Above The Inner Critic - True Freedom Starts Inside!

The inner critic is what Freud called the Superego. Its a part of the psyche that consists largely of internalized voices of our parents. The problem with the inner critic is that it is often unconscious and yet causes huge problems. Especially when we start doing inner work. That's why we consider it an essential part of what we do here. There is no real growth unless we also work with the Superego. Now, not all but much of it can be done online and this is why we created this online training for you. It really is a must if you want to continue working on yourself and if you are serious about your inner growth. The program launch will be in July 2021. Register your interest now so that you get notified as soon as the course is launched and take advantage of our launch discount!


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Why It's a Good Idea To Hate Your Mother

You have probably been taught to never ever express hatred. You shouldn't even feel it. Right? Wrong! Do you sometimes feel a deep longing for being at peace with the people around you? But when you look inside all you feel is frustration? Good! That's normal. AND it is a doorway to true peace and freedom. We need to own that darn hatred that we all carry inside. And guess what! Yes, we also feel it towards those that cared for us when we were babies. Because there's no way in the world that they could have done a perfect job. Of course, they made mistakes. And some of those mistakes have hurt us so deeply that we still carry those wounds. And we protect them fiercely. But this is exactly what prevents us from feeling true inner peace. So? Want relief from frustration? Want true inner peace? Register your details here to be notified of the launch of this amazing and much-needed course. Launch mid-2022. 


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Let's Wake Up Now!!

"Crisis can lead to progress and it is, therefore, an opportunity for inner growth. As an example, many of the world’s wealthiest individuals came through childhoods of significant hardship. Important lessons often come through hard knocks, which can then be applied to anything that comes afterward, whether in worldly, romantic, or compassionate wisdom. This energy invokes emotional depth which can after the crisis has passed, become a source of strength."